7-day-song Tutorial Series

Psytrance Tutorial

Here we’ve got a tutorial for those of you who like their beats hypnotic and entrancing! Goa fans – get in!

Prog House Tutorial

Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris fans – this is for you. A 7 day song tutorial on Prog House to help you learn how to produce the dancey, dirty and uplifting genre!

Jump Up Drum & Bass Tutorial

In what is admittedly a quite Liquid-y take on Jump Up, it's time to make some uplifting, intense and most of all fun DnB!

Hardstyle Tutorial

Like your 4-on-the-floor genres intense? Get ready to make some seriously hard hardstyle. It doesn't have to be a hard style to produce, so take the first step to sounding similar to artists like "headhunterz" and "The Prophet"!

Electro Pop Tutorial

Dance Pop Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to be like Max Martin, Dr Luke or Red One – Making tunes for the biggest pop artists in the world like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry? Now’s your chance!

Dirty Dubstep Tutorial

Here you can follow along with the tutorial on Brostep style Dubstep – Skrillex, Excision and Nero fans rejoice!

G Funk Tutorial

Wh-Wha-Wh-Whaaa? It’s that MPCtacular genre that brings heavy synth bass, whirly leads and dope beats into one culmination of awesomeness and racially charged words. Start your way to becoming the next Dre here…

Liquid Drum & Bass Tutorial

Also known as Liquid Funk or simply Liquid, this genre will have to nodding your head as you nod off with some smooth bass, ambient synths and a driving beat. Sweet!

Darkstep Tutorial

Here you can learn all about the genre that is so evil it makes skeletons vomit (Nice mental image, right?) Also known as Neurofunk, Darkcore and Techstep – here’s some seriously dark drum and bass!

Bassline Tutorial

A tutorial for the UK Electronic Dance Music genre "Bassline" - similar to artists like "H two O" and "DJ Q", with an emphasis on shuffled percussion and prominent basses! (Shockingly.)

Hip-Hop Tutorial

Here you can see all the Hip-Hop-eriffic tutorials from the Hip Hop 7 Day Song Reason 4 Tutorial! Great for beginners looking to get their head around basic beat making.

Trance Tutorial

Looking for help on how to make high quality Trance Music? Here’s the page for you, with free Reason 4 tutorials just waiting to help you make Euphoric music!

Electro House Tutorial

Looking for help on how to make high quality Electro House? Here’s the page for you, with 7 free Reason 4 tutorials just waiting to help you make sexy music like Benny Benassi, Fedde Le Grande and Bodyrox!

Drum & Bass Tutorial

Here is the page with my 7 day song Drum and Bass Reason 4 tutorial on it! Get practicing your X-outing!

Dubstep Tutorial

Here you can find links to all my Reason 4 Tutorials on Dubstep music! Sweet, huh? Load ‘em up and get wobbling!